The Autumn Invitational Standings Are Posted as We Head Into the Final Week

autumninviteThe standings for the JGTAI through 7 weeks can be seen here, and wow, are things getting tight. The battle to be the 10th and Final team to have a chance at the $100 bonus prize is extremely close, with numerous teams within striking distance. Right now the Ear holds a one point advantage over the Exhausted Nihilists. But much more dramatic are the teams vying for a invitation at all. The 20th place team, the Inglorious Barristers, have 14 points.  8 teams are within one victory from tying them or getting ahead of them and getting a guaranteed invite. I am going to the City Tap House today to work on audio. I will also see exactly how many teams we can seat. We may be able to sit 22 or 23. But until I know for sure, the cut off point is 20. Which means that it all comes down to this week. Where’s your best shot of winning? I would say undoubtedly O’Neals. To be honest, things have been pretty remarkably quiet there the past few weeks. You get a good team together tonight, and I can all but guarantee a Top 3 finish. Your 2nd best shot? Ugly American. That’s not to say that the other venues are impossible. The City Tap House has had three different winners in the first three weeks. Both Black Sheep and the ‘Vous had winners who had 1 JGTAI point going into last week.

Of course, if you are on the bubble you can also all but assure yourself of a spot in the mix by earning some last chance points via the physical challenge on facebook. I am giving each team the opportunity to score up to 4 extra bonus points this week by posting pics of any of our previous physical challenges. So get your team together and get out to quizzo this week. We’re going to have a lot of fun on Sunday. I’d hate for you to miss it.

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