Quizzo Tonight at Westbury

minionAfter a week off at the Westbury, Mike is coming back with a vengeance. Three new features at the quiz tonight that should make for a lot of fun.

Three, count ’em, THREE New Features at The Westbury TONIGHT!!!!

Tonight’s action kicks off at the new earlier time of 10 PM.  We will be starting on time, so we can be sure to finish up by 11:30 or so.  In addition to the already challenging quiz, I’m adding THREE new features to the evening’s lineup.  First is the pre-quiz “Mike Minion Gives Away His Library and Record/CD Collection” segment. Before the quiz, I’ll be asking some shout-out questions.  Yes, folks, in the part of the quiz (and this part ONLY!), I’ll give away a book or two and either a CD or old-style vinyl record to the first person to SHOUT OUT the answer to my questions.  I have over two thousand books and a couple hundred CD’s and albums to get rid of, from the ridiculous to the sublime. Who know what “treasure” you could take home?  There is a rumor that JGT himself will guest host this inagural round.*

Next, will be a French fry question.  Following the first round, some lucky team will win a free basket of fries for simply answering a question.  What could be easier than that?

Then, after the awesome quiz itself will be a challenge round. This will consist of 6 questions, one from each of the 6 categories in the original Trivial Pursuit.  (Geography, History, Entertainment, Arts & Literature, Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure) One question will be REALLY easy, one will be REALLY hard, and the others will be about Round 3 level.  The team that gets the most questions right will take home that evening’s prize. But, here’s the wrinkle: you have to win outright.  If there is a tie, the prize carries over to the next week.  The prize pool will build up week by week, until we get an outright winner.  Of course, to participate in the challenge round, you have to have played the regular quiz. No walking in the last minute just to try to win a prize!

These features will be regular additions to the Westbury weekly quiz.  And, as usual, the Westbury will have it’s regular assortment of keg and bottle specials.  These are some of the best deals in the city on beers** that usually aren’t found on special.  So come on out, rnjoy some great beer and food, see just how good your team is, and maybe take home something extra in the process.  See you at the quiz!

*Editors note: There is?

**Two weeks ago, they had Lagunitas and Ommegang in bottles for $3 each. That is not a misprint. Their specials really are ridiculous.

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