Lots of Winners at Westbury; Free Vinyl Tonight at Taproom

Per Mike Minion:

Last night, 4 different teams won prizes at the Westbury.  Group W and Duane’s World took down first and second, but Tainted Superman won the inaugural Challenge Round. With only two people on their squad, they were clearly the per-capita champs last night.  In the pre-quizzo action, a member of Crazy Mordew  took home some choice CD’s for correctly identifying The Sugarhill Gang.  Big crowd, lots of winners; a good time had by all.  So where was JGT and his squad?  Well, they backed out at the very last minute. Apparently, the thought of increased competition had them hiding under the covers.  A cowardly act if I ever saw one*.  Maybe stuffing themselves with turkey, succotash, yams, and, well, stuffing will give JGT and his crew a little backbone.  We’ll see next week.

Tonight at the Terrace Taproom promises to be big. Last week, the Challenge Round ended in a tie, so the prize pool starts off loaded and will only grow.  In the regular quiz, Ebonic Plague has emerged as the new team to beat, so I’m adding five bucks to the pot if another team wins.  Also, in addition to some books and CD’s, I’m gonna give away one of my old albums. We always have a great time at the Taproom and the crowd is boisterously and friendly.  Come on out and enjoy the great food and the terrific beer specials, and maybe end up with a real VINYL record!!

*Ed. Note: I believe the no-show was more of an example of sleepiness than cowardice, but that’s for the historians to sort out.

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  1. Sleepiness? Hey, we moved the quiz a half-hour ealier just so you could be home in time for a bubble bath before bed. Do you want a post-quiz tuck-in service as well?

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