Double Bounty Tonight at Westbury

Mike is back in action tonight at the Westbury. I’m putting together a team now. Hope to see ya there! Here’s Mike:

Tonight’s quiz starts at the new time of 10 PM.  We had a quite a few new teams come out, so it looks the 10 PM starting time is what the people want.  Best of all, a new team (Tainted Spiderman) won the inaugural challenge round. But it was business as usual in the main event, where Group W and Duane’s World finished one and two.  To shake things up, I’m putting out a DOUBLE bounty on both teams.  Here’s how it works: Beat either team for 2nd place – get $10 extra bucks from yours truly. Beat them both for 1st and get an extra $20. Here’s the kicker – DOUBLE bonus prizes are up for grabs. That’s right, if Group W and Duane’s World both finish out of the money, the first place team get a $40 bonus and the second place team gets $20 extra greenbacks!!  That means if two teams can knock off the big boys, a total of $120 will be awarded. Try to find a prize pool that size at ANY quizzo; go on, I dare you.

I’ll also be giving away some books, CD’s and a real vinyl record before the main event. The newest hit on the quizzo circuit, the Challenge Round, will follow the quiz.  And it’s French Fry Monday.  What more could you want?

All Harry Potter Quiz – A Fortnight Away

In other news, the All Harry Potter quiz at The Ugly American is two weeks from today.  Monday, December 13th at 8 p.m. Save the date; it’s going to be a very special event.  I have some great bonus prizes and an interesting format.  Potter fans are going to LOVE this quiz!  Tune in to this channel tomorrow for all the details.

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