Changes at the Westbury

Mike’s got a few changes to his quiz on Monday night to tell you about.

Don’t worry folks; these changes are all for the better. First, the starting time for the quiz is now 10 PM, not 10:30. Several teams have expressed a desire to play more often, but didn’t want to be out so late on a Monday evening. Those of you who have played the Monday quiz know that I start on time, and things move quickly. This change will allow us to finish up no later than 11:30.

The earlier time has two other benefits. Since the kitchen will still be open, you can get food at The Westbury quiz now. And more importantly, we can institute a time-honored JGT tradition, the French fry question!! That’s right folks; starting next week, the first round will have an 11th question, with a big basket of fries going to the team that comes closest to the correct answer. Danny (the chef) has also promised to keep the kitchen open as long as people want to order.

The bonus rounds I told you about yesterday were a HUGE success. I gave away some books and CD’s, and the challenge round ended in a tie, so the prize pool for next week will be that much bigger. These new, fun features will be part of the quiz from now on, and will debut at the Westbury next Monday. I’m hoping JGT will guest host the pre-quiz “Mike Minion Gives Away His Library and Record/CD Collection” segment. Negotiations are underway as we speak. We’re close on price, but the #&^!@ wants an unlimited supply of lime Jello shots as well, and that could be a sticking point. Let ‘s just say, I’ve seen JGT when he’s had too many shots, and leave it at that.

Anyway, next Monday should be lots of fun. Hope to see you there.

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