Autumn Invitational Scoreboard with Two Weeks to Go

autumninviteHere’s the JGTAI Scoreboard after 6 weeks. The top 3 teams looked to be pretty locked in, but after that it’s wide open. Keep in mind, teams in blue will be eligible for the $100 bonus drawing. Teams in yellow or blue would be guaranteed slots if the season ended today. Teams in green are on the bubble. They could get in if a couple of teams ahead of them drop out or if there is an extra table or two. Which means that teams in the green would be well served to try to score a few points in the next two weeks. There is an extremely easy opportunity to earn points right now. Just post a pic of you in your Halloween outfit. Up to three members can post a photo for a point each and the best outfit will earn their team another 3 points. With 9 teams within 3 points of that last slot either way, 3 points could wind up being huge. Remember, winner walks with $300, and everybody gets to enjoy the sweet soulful sounds of Anthony Riley. The Summer Invitational was a ton of fun, and I don’t expect this to be any different.

One thought on “Autumn Invitational Scoreboard with Two Weeks to Go

  1. My Halloween costume would definitely win best costume, but I don’t think I want pictures of it on Facebook and since we already have plenty of points, I think I will pass.

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