Westward Quiz-Ho! JGT Heads Into West Philly Tonight!

City-Tap-House-PhiladelphiaThat’s right, kids, I’m hosting my first ever West philly quizzo tonight at the City Tap House. The prizes and specials are both spectacular. First off, $10 gets you a can of beer and a margarita pizza. $3 Sly Fox cans throughout the quiz. And winner gets a 2-hour happy hour for 10 people…FREE. You heard me correctly. Yeah, I know it’s insane. That’s why I like it. That’s gonna get started at 10:15. And since their Autumn Invitational Season is going to be cut short, I am going to invite the top two teams over the next four weeks at CTH to the Invitational (More on the Invitational shortly).

But first, we begin at O’Neals, where things have been running wide open for the last couple of weeks. 5 different winners in the past 6 weeks. What does that mean? It means that O’Neals is, without question, your best shot to earn 5 points toward the JGTAI, and your best shot at winning a $50 gift certificate. Action starts at 8 p.m. sharp (I gotta get to West Philly by 10:15 p.m.) And hey, with the game on at 4:15, why not stop by O’Neals for the game too?

And Mike Minion hosts at Terrace Taproom at 8 p.m. The theme round is British Rock. Hope to see ya tonight!

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