Tree Fo’ Fo’: JGT Unveils His 2010 Phillies Rap

As you may remember, I released a dope rhyme last year when the Phillies came back to beat the Rockies in the NLDS. Then, before the Series, I released a cheesy one about the team. I’m getting back to the dope stuff with this one. In case you are unaware, Tree Fo’ Fo’ is an homage to the great Moses Malone, who, when asked how the Sixers would do in the 1983 NBA Playoffs, responded simply “Fo’ Fo’ Fo’,” indicating that the Sixers would win every game. I feel like the Phillies have that kind of same swagger, so that’s sort of what the song is about. If you enjoy it, please click “like” below. Go Phils!

9 thoughts on “Tree Fo’ Fo’: JGT Unveils His 2010 Phillies Rap

  1. You know your rap career is going nowhere when you’re the only one who actually thinks you have a rap career.

  2. I actually really like the “cheesy” one. The hook is not the best, but it has some very clever lines and I like the homages to Slick Rick and Parents Just Don’t Understand. This one is pretty good to. Just a minor observance is the Vietnamese soup that you show in the picture, which is spelled “Pho”, is actually pronounced “fuh”, but I have always called it “fo” as well.

  3. As an old school hip-hop fan, I also appreciated the references to Nas, The Scenario, and Big Daddy Kane in this latest one.

  4. I don’t have the rap experience to get the various allusions to rappers, but I did get the Edgar Allan Poe reference. I believe Herman Melville was also unappreciated as a writer during his lifetime. As for your latest rap effort, I defer to your Mom’s judgement.

  5. Now that the best the Phillies can do is to win in 5, you have to change the title. May I suggest, “Tree Fi’ Fo’ Fum (I smell the blood of Giant/Yankee scum)”? Turning a legendary giant’s catchphrase around just seems appropriate.

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