Quizzo News and Notes

Picture 9First of all, the JGTAI rolls on tonight at the Westbury with Mike Minion. Great beer specials as always and of course a friendly face behind the bar in the form of JohnniE. Mike has informed me that tonight the 3rd Round will be a Mystery Round. Seeing as how there are few people I know as mysterious as Mike Minion, this should be interesting.

Secondly, tomorrow night will be our final Tuesday night quiz at the Bards. I will still be doing the Thursday night quiz, but Paddy and I talked and decided that we’d get more bang for our buck with one quiz a week there. I am already in talks with a few other places and will hopefully have a new spot lined up soon. I’m looking to try somewhere new, maybe West Philly, Art Museum, or NoLibs. I’ve got Center City more or less on lockdown, so I wanna diversify a bit if possible.

Ok, I’m working on JGTAI scores as we speak. Should have them up in the next hour or so.

Finally be sure to check out the latest post I did over at isportacus, about Philadelphia’s disappointment in Cole Hamels for not throwing a no-hitter.Funny stuff.

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