JGTAI Scores Thru 5 Weeks

autumninviteHere ya have it, the scores through week 5. The teams in blue are teams that are in the top 10, and thus eligible for the $100 bonus drawing. Teams in yellow would be guaranteed a spot in the invitational if the invites were sent out today. Teams in the Green are “Bubble Teams”. They would have to wait to see exactly how much space we have available and if any teams in the Top 20 can’t make it. Teams in orange have some serious work to do over the next three weeks. But do not give up. Look at the Tubular Two. At the time of last week’s rankings, they were buried near the bottom of the list. But this week they finished 2nd twice, submitted an avatar, and scored a few physical challenge points. Now they are in the running for the Bonus Bucks, tied for 10th. One good week can get your team in the mix! Is this the week? You get your first chance tonight at the Westbury with Mike Minion. This week’s wild card round is “Disney films”. Action starts at 10:30 p.m. Meanwhile, I kick off the Spooktacular tommorrow night. Details to follow. Three weeks to go! Time to make your move! And I’m gonna give you until tomorow at 10 a.m. to give me photos of you eating a pretzel. (If you can’t post them to facebook, send them to me via johnny@johnnygoodtimes.com.) Also, all avatars submitted from now on will still get you one bonus point.

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