Quizzopatra Was Awesome

quizzopatraA fine time was had by all at the Franklin Institute, as But My Mummy Says I’m Cool took home top honors with an impressive 110. About 50 people were there to play, and were treated to a 22 minute planetarium show in addition to the quiz. I’ll post some of the questions in the coming days. I’m gonna be honest: I’m pretty proud of myself for this one. Themed quizzes on, say, Superheroes or Cartoons are not terribly difficult to find 40 questions for. Writing a 40 question quiz on someone who died 2,000 years ago who wasn’t named Jesus or Julius Caesar, not quite as easy.

Nonetheless, I was excited to see so many quizzo regulars coming out for this. Thanks to everybody who came out. The folks at the Franklin seemed pleased w/ the turnout. Hopefully, we’ll be doing more of these in the future.

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