Quizzo Tonight

LOCUST RENDEZVOUS. 6:15 P.M. Beer specials are $3 Leinenkugel’s and $2 Miller Lites. Lemonade vodka shots are $2. We’ve got a real nice corps of teams at the Vous, but there is certainly room for a few more.

BLACK SHEEP. 8 P.M. The end of summer is usually a bit quieter than normal at all of the bars, so if you’re in town, this is a great time to grab your team some seats. The Black Sheep usually stays pretty packed, though, so I’d get there a little early.

As for last night, we had an upset at O’Neals and the Dysfunktion should have knocked off the Steak, but choked in the final round. Namely, LaPierre choked in the final round. At least, that’s the word on the streets. So it’s a good mix of questions, and scores are a bit higher this week. Meaning, the 2nd place team at the Bards didn’t finish with a 41. Anyhow, hope to see you tonight.

IN OTHER NEWS. Me and Lee’s latest podcast is up on Comcast. We discuss giant Bud Selig statues, the decline of American basketball, and the worst hair in sports. Over on isportacus, we’ve added a few new writers to the mix. And today, I ask if the city of Philly owes Ruben Amaro an apology.

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