“Cheaters Always Win” Week Continues at Big Money Tuesday

bigmoneyBig prizes and legalized cheating at both the Bards and O’Neals highlight the opening of Week 2 at the JGT Autumn Invitational. Legalized cheating? That’s right, I’m going to let teams use their cell phones for one minute at the conclusion of one of tonight’s rounds. ┬áIF the city can legalize gambling, then I can legalize cheating. We’re going to turn this city into a damn Sodom and Gomorrah in no time. I will also give away some JGTAI Tourney points via cheating. One week only, folks, I am encouraging you to bring your iphones. That being said, my punishment for those who use their phones at unsanctioned times will be dealt with in a way that will be both swift and severe. It would be like running a roulette wheel now that the casino is open. Me and the city will not stand for this type of behavior!

Action starts at O’Neals at 8 p.m., where margaritas are $3.50, the prize for the winner is an impressive $50 GC, and where there is no clear cut favorite (i.e. a great place to get on the scoreboard). On to the Bards at 10:15 p.m., where there is certainly a clear cut favorite (Steak Em Up) but you can earn 3 bonus points (and the $40 prize) if you knock them off. Oh, and I’ve got tickets to Ring of Honor Wrestling to give away at quizzo tonight. I’ve been to these matches before and they are a lot of fun. (One of the wrestling managers on Friday’s card has the amazing name of Truth Martini.)

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