Quizzo Train Keeps Running with Mike Minion


Yesterday’s big Invitational was a lot of fun.  Despite being prepared to hate the Wild Card round, it turned out to be very interesting and very fair.  Even though we tied for second, there are no sour grapes here. Congrats to Philly’s ONLY true Man of Leisure for hosting such an enjoyable event.

But there is no rest for the wicked.  We keep right on chugging with the Monday night lineup of quizzos.  First stop, the Terrace Taproom in Manayunk.  The train pulls into the station at 7:30 PM.  This is a change from last week, and will be the starting time from here on.  The theme round at the Taproom tonight is 80’s sitcoms.  The beer specials are all Magic Hat bottles for $3 and Troeg’s for the same price.  I am looking forward to a nice bowl of the veggie chili myself.

Last stop on the line is The Westbury at 10:30 PM.  The Westbury was well represented at the Invitational yesterday by The Four C’s, Duane’s World (who tied for second), and Group W (playing with evil alter-ego Steak ‘Em Up and coming in first).   Clearly, you need to bring your A game to the Westbury.  When some other quizzo regulars manage to get up the courage, we’d love to see them show up and  give these three teams a run for their money.  But until someone  has the cojones, we’ll just keep enjoying great beer specials and  playing top-notch quizzo.  The theme round this evening is John Hughes movies and the keg special is Rogue Dead Guy Ale at $4.  I know what I’ll be drinking tonight.

Hope to see ya on the wrong side of the tracks tonight!

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