Quizzo Tonight

A great week off, but it’s time to get back in business. I hear things went pretty well last week, except for Koob’s photography skills. I’ll have the rest of the photos up as soon as Mike Minion mails them to me. He’s stuck at some train station somewhere. The details are, as is often the case w/ Quizmaster Minion, a bit fuzzy. But anyways, I’ll have those photos up soon. And keep in mind, he’s back in business tonight (Assuming, of course, he is able to find his way home from a suburban train station at some point.) He will be at the Taproom Terrace in Manayunk at 7:30 p.m. He then makes his move to the Westbury at 10:30 p.m. I’m gonna try to make that one if I’m not too wiped out. (Is there any day more exhausting than the day after vacation?)

One thought on “Quizzo Tonight

  1. I made it home (finally). Sadly, I need to trust SEPTA to get me to Manayunk and then back to Center City in time for the Westbury. After today, I have my fingers crossed.

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