Quizzo Tonight!

peaksislandWell, you clowns blew the chance of a lifetime last night, as Steak Em Up didn’t play and anyone could have won at Bards, but only 5 teams showed up. Oh well, you can redeem yourselves tonight at quizzo, as Mike Minion hosts at Locust Rendezvous at 6:15 p.m. and Black Sheep at 8 p.m. You trivia geeks are gonna dig Mike’s quiz. It’s the 2nd best quiz in town (besides mine, of course)

As for Maine, well, it’s going great. Just plopped down on the couch after a brunch of Bloody Mary’s and lobster omelet. Don’t think I’ll be moving from here for a while. Strangely, been getting more exercise on vacation than I do when I’m not on vacation. We left the car in Portland and have just been riding bikes everywhere all week. But no bike riding today, as it’s been pouring rain all day. Just gonna chill out at the cottage. The cottage we got is off the hook. Thank you craigslist! We got an awesome place for $600 for the week and we are loving it.

Sounds like I picked a crazy week to leave the city. Bloggers getting taxed, L&I stealing cupcake trucks, Roy Oswalt playing left field. Next thing you know Mcnabb will get interviewed in GQ and the whole town will go batshit crazy about him puking in the Super Bowl again! Just kidding, our populace is way too sophisticated to worry about something that probably didn’t even happen 6 1/2 years ago.

Hope you’re enjoying life in Crazytown. Things here on Peak’s are pretty damn mellow.

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