Craziest Week of Quizzo Ever?


A pretty incredible week so far. First off, my team won at the Westbury on Monday, a week after finishing last. Plus, packed houses at every venue all week. A new team won for the first time at O’Neals. A new team won for the first time at Black Sheep. Steak Em Up should have lost. The Jams finished out of the money. Duane’s World finished out of the money. The weekly double had to do with the man above with the guitar in his hands (as we all now know, Khagendra Magar is a mere 22 inches tall.) It has been a crazy week so far, and I suspect it’s gonna continue tonight. French Fry Thursday. Ugly American at 8 p.m. Bards at 10:15 p.m. I am hoping tonight’s questions cause Steak Em Up to complain again. See ya there!

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