Bounty Bowl Tonight and Other Quizzo News

bigmoneyFirst of all, in case you haven’t heard, I had to undergo fairly major surgery yesterday. However, due to my “pluck” and “toughness” I am going to fight through the pain of wisdom tooth removal and host quizzo tonight, against doctors orders. This is a lot like when TO played in the Super Bowl on a bad ankle. Of course, I will make some concessions to the wisdom tooth, and therefore I would expect many, if not all, questions to be in the picture, music, and crossword/word search variety. Should make for a rather interesting quiz. Will it be enough to unhinge Steak Em Up? We’ll see. Action at Bards starts at 10:15 p.m. and if you can knock off the Steak you win like $60. I don’t even know what it is now. Regardless, it’s ridiculous money if you win. Before that, we get started at O’Neals, home of the $50 gift certificate for the winners. That buys a lot of $3.50 margaritas.

As for other news, it seems that the Summer Invitational was a big hit. Therefore, we may very well make this a seasonal event, and do it again in the fall. I’ll keep ya updated. Also, a heads up: I’ll be hosting a special quizzo at the Franklin Institute on September 10th. Winners will get free passes to see the Cleopatra exhibit. That’s an over $200 prize (assuming you have a team of 8.) And it will be in the planetarium, meaning that you’ll get to see a planetarium-style show as well. And yes, there will be a bar. So mark it down in your calendars. September 10th. People who went to these on past years will tell you that they’re a lot of fun. Finally, if anyone is interested in doing some sports writing for isportacus, shoot me a line.

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