The JGT Summer Invitational Scoreboard


Here’s the scoreboard after two weeks. There are some intriguing developments. No surprises at the Top, as Steak Em Up and Duane’s World hold the top 2 spots. But then things get interesting, as Different Name Every Week and Newman’s Own are in 3rd and 4th place. The top 10 teams are in blue (actually, the top 11, as their are 4 teams tied for 8th). Remember, the Top 10 teams have a shot at the extra $200 drawing, on top of the $400 the top 25 teams can earn by winning the Invitational on August 15th. The most important thing to note, however: even if you haven’t scored or haven’t played yet, you are still right in the hunt. As you’ll notice, 1 measly point puts you right in the mix, as the 25th place team right now has a grand total of 1. Furthermore, you can triple your chance of points on any given week. Remember you can score points tonight at the Westbury, you can score points by playing on Tuesday or Wednesday, and then you can play at an all new quiz on Thursday. Best chance to to score points? No doubt, it’s Tuesday at Bards. We’ve had way fewer teams playing at Bards on Tuesdays than anywhere else. ┬áTherefore your chances of finishing in the Top 3 are terrific. And of course, if you can knock off Steak Em Up on Tuesday, you’re going home with $85. There is currently a $45 bounty on them. And before you go whining about how unbeatable they are, keep in mind that they lost by 17 on Thursday.

2 thoughts on “The JGT Summer Invitational Scoreboard

  1. Seriously, you can earn points for playing in more than 1 game a week? Good for following Johnny, good for quizzo attendance enthusiasm, bad for level playing field. How about designating which game you want as your scoring game at the start of the week

  2. I think it's a very even playing field. If you have a bad night at O'Neals Tuesday, the good news is you can make up ground at Ugly American Thursday. If you just heard about it two or three weeks in, you can quickly make up ground by playing twice a week. Furthermore, the $200 bonus doesn't go to the top scoring team, it goes to one of the Top 10 teams randomly in a drawing. That way, a team like Steak Em Up only has a 10% of winning bonus money, and a 1 in 25 chance of winning the big event, no matter how many times they play in a week.

    If you have a good team, you're probably only have to play once a week to finish in the Top 25. If you want to go for the gusto and finish in the Top 10, you should probably play twice a week. That's up to you. This isn't for a full year, just for 7 weeks (Actually, 5 weeks at this point.) If you want to take your shot at the extra money, then motivate your squad. It's only 5 more weeks, then you can go back to playing once a week. Finally (and don't tell anyone this) but I'm running a business here. Full crowds make the bar owners happy. Telling people that they can only play once a week would be remarkably counterintuitive.

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