Quizzo News and Notes

jgtlogo5One week done, six more to go. A great week one, and an interesting scoreboard. Still plenty of time to score, so if you didn’t score this week or didn’t get a chance to play this week, don’t sweat it. There is plenty of time left. A few things to keep in mind for next week. Despite the holiday, there WILL be a quizzo at the Westbury Monday night at 10:30 p.m., and you CAN earn points toward the Invitational by playing there. On Tuesday at O’Neals in addition to the already lucrative $50 first prize, I will be raffling off two Phillies tickets in Section 136. These are awesome seats, so be sure to make it to O’Neals. Your best chance to get on the board? Probably Tuesday night. Neither O’Neals or Bards was packed on Tuesday, and a score of 66 earned a team a point at the Bards. Alright, gang, have a great holiday and we’ll see ya next week!

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