Midway Point Totals

Johnnie of the Duane’s World Crew is a man who loves numbers. I kind of like them too, so when he volunteered to keep track of quizzo winners and losers, I was all over it. He added up everything through the first six months of 2010, and I just plugged it into Google Docs. Today I’ll post several bars, and tomorrow I’ll post more. Enjoy! (I’ll have stats for the JGTSI up as soon as I hear back from Mike Minion about last week’s top finishers at the Westbury.)

One thought on “Midway Point Totals

  1. Point: There are no losers at quizzo (other than teams that cheer for themselves in the easy round and/or for getting the Question of the Week correct). The lowest scoring team at any JGT Quizzo is still brighter than any collective that still believes the NBA is a legitimate sport.

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