Great Chance to Earn Points Tonight!

french fryAction starts at the Ugly American at 8 p.m., and while L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics are the early favorites, they have been in a bit of a slump lately. A 2-person team actually took the gold last week. What does that mean? That means that after a ridiculously packed Black Sheep last night, tonight could be the night where your team has a better chance to score some points and head into the holiday on the scoreboard. All drafts are a dollar off during quizzo.

On to the Black Sheep. Let’s not kid ourselves. Steak Em Up is the favorite. But, a couple of things to keep in mind: first of all, they are not unstoppable. In fact, they lost just last Thursday. Secondly, even if they win, there is certainly a great chance for your team to finish 2nd and still earn 3 points. There has been no consistent team at the Bards other than Steak Em Up, so 2nd and 3rd place are wide open. Also, Lagers are $2.50. Tough to beat.

And of course, ALL NEW QUESTIONS TONIGHT. That means that if you played earlier this week, you are more than welcome to make another go at it. Hope to see you tonight. And of course we’ll be giving away french fries. Assuming someone reminds me.

One thought on “Great Chance to Earn Points Tonight!

  1. So, you are hosting quizzo at The Black Sheep two night a week now? Good to know. Or is it at The Bard's? I'm SO confused.

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