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The JGT Empire expands into Manayunk tonight as Mike Minion takes his quiz to the Terrace Taproom. I’ve played Mike’s quiz. I’ve also been the Manayunk. I am predicting that the winning score tonight is a 45. I keed, I keed! The Terrace Taproom is apparently an excellent bar with a very interesting beer selection. And I have to admit, I am dying to see how Mike goes over in the ‘Yunk. I kind of like tonight’s theme round. I think I might play. Regardless, now that he’s got two quizzes, I am expecting twice as much carpentry this week. Here’s what Mike’s gotta say:

Tonight is the kick-off for a new quizzo venue!  Starting this evening, The Terrace Taproom in Manayunk (2847 Terrace Street) will be the site of the early Monday quiz.  The debut takes place at 7 PM.  The Taproom is only three blocks from the Wissahickon Transportation Center (and one block from the corner of Ridge and Manayunk), so it’s not to difficult to reach, should any of our Center City regulars wish to give it a try.   And by the way, the owner tells me the folls from Magic Hat Brewery will be there tonight with some great beer specials and lots of prizes.  Should make for a very festive opening night!

The Westbury quiz continues to build drama.  We’ve had three different winners in the past 4 weeks, and the crowd is usually quite lively.  Tonight’s theme round is 1980’s sitcoms, which really opens up the field.  This is a great opportunity to get points in the JGT Invitational.  Who knows, with a pop-culture theme like this, even JGT himself may give it a try!  As a bonus, tonight’s tap special is Great Divide Brewery’s 16th anniversary double IPA at $4.  Starting time is 10:30, as usual.
For the time being, it will be the same quiz at both venues, so you can only play once. Hope to see you at one of the  locations tonight.
May the sun never set on the JGT Empire!

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