The JGT Quizzo Power Rankings

powerNo surprise at the top, but after that things get interesting. I really can’t remember a time when we’ve had this much parity. New winners almost every week, and last week Steak Em Up squeaked out with one win and lost on Thursday. Makes for an interesting Top 10, and things should get even more interesting this week as we return to the Black Sheep.

  1. Steak Em Up. They finally fall on Thursday, but they are still undoubtedly  the best in the Biz. But with big crowds coming back to the Bards on Thursdays, can they remain on top? Last week: #1
  2. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. A win at the American on Thursday helps them climb the charts into the two-spot. Last week: #3
  3. The Jams. A 2nd place finish on Wednesday would have probably kept them in 2nd place on the JGTQPR, but a 3rd place finish drops them into 3rd by a few % points. Last week: #2
  4. The Savage Ear. Two straight wins at O’Neals, though this one in overtime, moves them up a slot, and into the top 4. Last week: #5
  5. Look Up, Look Down, Now I’m a Horse. This flashy young squad is setting the quizzo world on its ear. While many teams avoid Steak Em Up like the plague, these brash young upstarts aren’t scared to go mano-a-mano with the #1 squad in quizzo. This Thursday, they took the evil force down. It was beautiful, and I was happy to hand off the $25 bounty. Last week: #7
  6. Duane’s World. A win, a 2nd place finish, and a 4th place finish. Say what you will about the World, they damn sure love the sport. Last week: #4
  7. 1022. Persistence pays off. It had been a while since they had won at the Vous, but this week they overcame three of the top 10 teams on the circuit in an extremely impressive win. Bob was so excited about the win he didn’t even tell me to shove it up my ass. Last week: NR
  8. Inglorious Barristers. We’ve been wallowing in abject geekdom for too long. I love the fact that this young, suave, and sophisticated squadron has come in to liven up the quizzo scene a bit. But what’s up with all the 2nd place finishes? Last week: #6
  9. Stop Eating Tuna. (aka Sandy Fauxginas). The come within one point of winning the $40 Bounty at the Bards. Can they pull the upset this week, and claim the $45? Last week: NR
  10. Drillin and Frackin. He’s long been a champion of the comments section, but this is his first time in the top 10 in quizzo rankings: Palestra Jon and his daughter almost pulled a major upset at O’Neals. I’m quite certain that Bob will not pleased with this development. Last week: NR.

Also receiving votes: Narcotyzing Dysfunktion, Magnus ver Magnusson, Why Can’t Us, Johnny Highcrotches, The Four Cs, Phillie RNs, Insert Topical Team Name

3 thoughts on “The JGT Quizzo Power Rankings

  1. Actually, that isn't correct. You had me in the top 10 when I played a few weeks in a row early this past winter with the ladies of Why Can't Us.

    Still, what will make Bob happy is that I blew it by not looking up the Question of the Week and thinking that you were asking for oldest US (as opposed to North American) brewery. When you lose by blowing the free question (and then losing in OT), you should be automatically disqualified from the top 10.

  2. I found the references to “Bob” to be really confusing, until I realized you were talking about the Bob on team 1022. That Bob, who really is named Bob and who is a friend of mine and a nice guy– even though he regularly tells JGT to stick it up his ass– and with whom I've played quizzo, should not be confused with me, the Bob who regularly posts on this site. The other Bob, the one on 1022, apparently has better things to do with his time.

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