Quizzo Tonight at Westbury

Mike Minion is back in action tonight. I am gonna play and I’m looking for a team, so if anybody wants to play holler at me on facebook. Here’s the deets from Mike:

Quizzo kicks off tonight at 10:30 at The Westbury.  For all you quizzo junkies on the JGT circuit, this offers a THRID time during the week to play.  Rumor had that JGT himself is putting together a team for tonight.  So far, he has been spectacularly unsuccesful in winning one of my quizzez, though there have been some good efforts.  Come out tonight and help keep JGT in his place and out of the money.  The lambics are still on special ($3.00), and the Grand Cru is one of my faves.  Prizes for this evening are $40 for first and $20 for second.  Hope to see you there!

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