JGT Power Rankings

  1. Steak Em Up. Two big wins keep them in the top spot for the 7th straight week. Last week: #1
  2. Duane’s World/Escahton. Wow, what a week for Duane’s World. Three wins in one week is almost unheard of. Last week: #6
  3. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. A blowout win Tuesday at O’Neals, a blowout loss Thursday at UA. They drop one spot. Last week: #2
  4. The Jams. A narrow win at the Vous is their 3rd in the last 4 weeks. Last week: #3
  5. Look Up Look Down Now I’m on a Horse. Despite a performance by Pong that has the JGT Ethics Committee looking into possible sanctions,  2nd place finish at Bards on Tuesday keeps them in the 5 spot. Last week: #5
  6. The Savage Ear. A disappointing loss to the Diabetics drops them two spots. Pam can’t blame biased judges for this one. Last week: #4
  7. Inglorious Barristers. Another heartbreaking loss to the Jams, this time by two points. Last week: #8
  8. 1022. A week after a big win at the Vous, they finish a distant third and drop a spot. Last week: #7
  9. 85 Kicks in the Balls. WHere did these guys come from? They come out of nowhere to finish 2nd at the Black Sheep. Do we have a new player at the Sheep? Last week: NR
  10. Team Friendship. They add Steve-O but still can’t get past Steak Em Up. Last week: NR

Also receiving votes: Catdog, Unusual Suspects, Team Friendship, Pork Fried Rice, Eyes on the Prize, Forza Azzurri, Bong Hits, Phillie RNs

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