JGT Power Rankings

bodybuilderI honestly don’t remember a time when we’ve ever had more parity (well, except for at the Bards). It’s great for the quiz circuit, tough on the old QCS computer. The first two picks are easy, after that it’s a doozy.

  1. Steak Em Up. Been on a roll, but the bounties seem to be bringing back some big guns. Don’t think they’ll go unscathed this week. Last week: #1
  2. The Jams. 3 wins in the last 4 weeks have the Jams sitting pretty at the Vous. Last week: #2
  3. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. A tough loss at the UA on Thursday, but the 2nd place finish keeps them in the 3 hole. Last week: #3
  4. Why Can’t Us World. How to rank these guys? Two perennial Top 10 teams combined forces at the American to pull off an upset over L. Ron, so I guess I’ll rank ’em as one team this week. Last week: #8, #10
  5. The Savage Ear. A dominant performance at one of the biggest blowouts in O’Neals history. Maybe if the Toddfather can rededicate himself to this squad, they can really start to make some noise. Last week: NR
  6. Inglorious Barristers. One win and 2 2nd place finishes in the last 3 weeks at the Vous. The Jams are the only thing between this squad and elite status. Last week: #5
  7. Look Up Look Down Now I’m a Horse. An impressive 105 at the Bards Thursday night wasn’t quite enough to take the title from the Steak Em Up. They might have been ranked higher, but Pong never got back to me about kickball. Last week: #9.
  8. Phillie RNs. The Bad News: they lose by 28 at O’Neals. The good news: it was still good enough for 2nd, and good enough to keep them in the Top 10. Last week: #7
  9. Narcotyzing Dysfunktion. Brought a solid squad to the Bards on Thursday. Unfortunately, while a 102 would have won at the UA, it only got them a 3rd place at the Bards. I have a funny feeling that they’ll break out of their slump in a big way on the biggest Big Money Tuesday ever. Last week: NR
  10. Insert Topical Team Name Here. A 3rd place finish at UA keeps them in the top 10. And they’ll get their classical music round one of these weeks. Last week: #6

Also receiving votes: Satan’s Minions, Tooth Wind and Fire, 1022, Team Friendship, The Sandy Faux-Ginas, Magnus ver Magnusson

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