JGT Power Rankings

powerranks(These are power rankings heading into this week’s play, not counting Monday or Tuesdays results this week. Those will be counted in next week’s Rankings.)

  1. Steak Em Up. Sick of their rampage through the Bards, I have an announcement forthcoming about next Tuesday’s quiz that should get some more hounds on their tails. Last week: #1
  2. The Jams. An easy win at the Vous last week keeps them in the 2-hole. Last week: #2
  3. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. May have won on Thursday if I hadn’t of steered them wrong on a question. In a pathetic grovelling gesture to them, (and because all the other teams ranked #3 to #10 all lost) their consolation prize is a significant bump in the rankings. Last week: #8
  4. Satan’s Minions. Could be a perennial contender, but don’t play enough as a team. Gotta admit, it was a wonderful blast from the past to hear Howard yelling “Eight! Eight!” every time I announced the weekly double. Last week: NR
  5. Inglorious Barristers. Perhaps the best dressed team on the circuit, the Barristers style and profile up one spot in the rankings with a 2nd place finish at the Vous. Last week: #6
  6. Insert Topical Team Name Here. Pull of a huge upset at the Ugly American on Thursday. After months of tinkering, has this team finally created the right formula for a consistent threat to L. Ron’s power? Last week: NR
  7. Phillie RNs. Two straight weeks of upsets have wreaked havoc on the JGT QCS computer. The Phillie RNs come out of nowhere to pull a monster upset at O’Neals and climb back into the rankings. Last week: NR
  8. Duane’s World. Ouch! Blowout losses at Westbury and Black Sheep slide Duane’s World down to the 8 slot. Last week: #3
  9. Look Up Look Down Now I’m a Horse. A third place finish at the Bards drops them down the rankings a few notches. Perhaps they can get back near the top with an impressive drink-off win this Thursday. Last week: #5
  10. Why Can’t Us. With Audra moved on to greener pastures, the two remaining ladies are still able to finish in the Top 3 at UA. Last week: #7

Others receiving votes: Claudia Kishi Fan Club, Tooth Wind and Fire, Go Go Gadget Top Kill, 1022, Team Friendship, The Sandy Faux-Ginas, 4th Estate, Narcotyzing Dysfunktion, Magnus ver Magnusson, Team Friendship

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