What’s Up at the Bards?

bardsThe Bards used to be the busiest spot on the JGT quizzo circuit, and tables there were hard to come by. These days, it is still a decent crowd of 30 or so, but I kind of miss the days of 50-60 people. Not sure what happened that caused it to quiet down. It’s still a great staff, the beer specials are awesome, the prizes are great, and it’s a damn good bar.  I mean, every bar on the quizzo circuit has its ups and downs (The ‘Vous was dead for a while and now it’s packed every week), but I’m kind of missing the way the Bards used to rock. Any theories as to why it’s been a little quieter the past few months or what we can do to get it rollin’ again? I am all ears, as I really want to get it cranking again.

3 thoughts on “What’s Up at the Bards?

  1. A chugging contest would work. I am hereby un-pussyfying myself and offering any of the people who consistently fail to beat Steak 'Em Up at quizzo the chance to beat us at drinking large quantities of beer in very short periods of time.

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