3 thoughts on “This New Mumia Doc Should be Interesting

  1. The Shame of a City was fantastic. I thought my mind was made up about this case, but we'll see what Tigre has to say.

  2. Johnny Goodtimes, I feel I failed you by not taking up the challenge to say something provacative and incendiary to get an argument– excuse me, a discussion– going about the Mumia case. I was sort of busy yesterday, but I'll try my best to make up for it today.

    I've never really understood the obsession of certain people with this particular case. I don't think there can be any reasonable doubt about the man's guilt. There is no “grassy knoll” or second gun or other conspiracy operating here. I read the details of the case long ago, and I must admit I've forgotten them, but I do remember that I concluded at the time that there was little doubt about the man's guilt.

    There are hundreds of other prisoners on death row. What seems to capture the imagination of various people about this particular one is that he has an aura of radical chic about him, and he is also an obviously intelligent man and a writer. He also seems to be a PR genius of sorts.

    I would also add here that I am opposed in principle to the death penalty. Yet having said that, I would add that I don't think Mumia makes a very good poster child for opposition to the death penalty. The man killed a police officer. I have much more sympathy with the outrage expressed by the dead police officer's survivors to the glorification of Mumia and the attempts to overturn the verdict in this case.

    1. Stop the presses! I couldn't agree with Bob more. And I am not even going to reassess my position as a result. God bless America! There is hope for us all!

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