The Power Rankings

powerrangersAn extremely topsy turvy week with only one top team emerging unscathed. 

  1. Steak Em Up. With two wins and a Diabetic loss, they regain the top spot. Last week: #2
  2. Duane’s World. A win at Black Sheep puts them in the #2 spot, though a 3rd place finish at Westbury indicates that they aren’t a serious threat for #1 at this point. Last week: #5 
  3. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. Would have fallen softly into the #2 spot, but a crushing 15 point loss drops them a few decimal points behind Duane’s World. Last week: #1
  4. Magnus ver Magnusson. Knock off the toughest competition on the circuit to get back on the board. Last week: NR
  5. The Champs. Decimate the Diabetics at the Ugly American. Can they repeat, or were they only in it for the money? Last week: NR
  6. The Jams. A number two finish at the Vous knocks them back a few paces. Last week: #4
  7. The Savage Ear. Ouch! What a difference a week makes. One minute they’re #3 on the circuit, the next minute they can’t finish in the top 3 at O’Neals. Last week: #3
  8. The Four Cs. An impressive win at the Westbury over two high quality teams puts the Four Cs in the power rankings for the first time. Last week: NR
  9. Narcotyzing Dysfunktion. If you like the movie Groundhogs Day, come to the Bards on a Tuesday and watch a team live it. ND, 2nd place again. Last week: #8
  10. Look Up Look Down Now I’m a Horse. Another 2nd place, finish, the horses are starting to make a name for themselves on Thursday nights at the Bards. Last week: #10

Others receiving votes: Lambda, Catdog, Same Name as Last Week, Team Friendship, Unusual Suspects, the 4th Estate, The Sandy Faux-Ginas, Inglorious Barristers

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