Quizzo Tonight at Westbury

Mike Minion returns to action tonight at the Westbury. Here’s his blurb on last week’s match. I think I might try to make it tonight if anybody wants to play.

Last week we had a very tight race at the Westbury. The top three teams were separated by less than one question. When the dust settled, a new team came our on top. First-time winners The 4 C’s defeated Group W by one measly point. During the quiz, I asked a one-point bonus question: What song, written by Jim Steinman, kept Making Love Out of Nothing at All (also written by Jim Steinman) from reaching number one on the Billboard chart? (it was an 80’s music round, after all; you can find the answer at the end) The 4 C’s came up with the answer, got the bonus point and edged out Group W for the win.

Tonight festivities kick off at 10:30 at the The Westbury. Last week’s low scorers chose “Cars” for this week’s theme round, so I expect to see all you gear heads, NASCAR fans, and Ric Ocasik at the Westbury tonight. This is a good chance for a new team to come in and knock off one of the regulars. Monday’s keg special will be Dock Street Bubbly Wit for $2.50. The featured brewery is Fuller’s of London and bottles of all Fuller beers are specially priced.

Answer: Total Eclipse of the Heart

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