Quizzo Tonight

IMG_1762 I don’t have a quirky name for Wednesdays yet (unlike French Fry Thursday or Big Money Tuesday. I’m such a marketing genius.), but nonetheless it has been a good night lately. The Vous has been rocking, and the Black Sheep has been somewhat hit or miss. I think with the Flyers on, tonight is probably a good night to get a table at the Black Sheep. And don’t worry, the Flyers game will be on TV at the Sheep. Action at the Vous starts at 6:15 p.m., and at the Sheep at 8 p.m. Interesting quiz this week. First and third rounds are fairly easy, and 2nd and 4th rounds are rather hard.

In other news, there are rumors of a guerilla comedy show this weekend. While I wouldn’t believe a word of these rumors, you might want to follow Philaguerilla on facebook just in case.

Also, I recently did a couple of new sports quizzes. Check em out here.

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