JGT Quizzo Power Rankings


  1. Steak Em Up. They have the Bards on lockdown. Not too long ago, the Jams had the Vous on lockdown, then some serious competitors rolled into town to change the dynamics. Does anyone have the guts to step to the Steak? Last week: #1
  2. Duane’s World. 2nd at Westbury, 3rd at Black Sheep wasn’t enough to keep their top position, but sister squad Eschaton’s win by 40 at UA keeps them in 2nd. Last week: #2
  3. The Jams. A stunning 116 in a very difficult quiz rockets them up the charts. Last week: #6
  4. Tooth Wind and Fire. Back to Back Jacks at O’Neals. The only thing that can slow them down is the Flyers. (O’Neals cancelled tomorrow night for friggin’ hockey.) Last week: NR
  5. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. They take their show on the road, but it doesn’t pay off: they finish 3rd at O’Neals. Last week: #3
  6. Catdog. 2nd win in three weeks at Black Sheep. Catdog is angling to make a move into the Top 5. Last week: NR
  7. Look Up Look Down Now I’m a Horse. Continue to move up the charts with another 2nd place finish, this time at Black Sheep. Last week: #10
  8. Magnus ver Magnusson. Out of the money  at the Vous drops them all the way down to the 8th spot. Last week: #4 
  9. The Savage Ear. Slip sliding away. They were #3 two short weeks ago, but haven’t made the top 3 in either of the last two weeks. Last week: #7
  10. Narcotyzing Dysfunktion. I’m fairly certain that the Dante’s 8th level of Hell is a quizzo game where the same team finishes in 2nd place every single week. Last week:#9

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