JGT Power Rankings


How to rank them this week, with a Superteam running amok at Bards last week? The JGTPR computer came back with some interesting results.

  1. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. Knock off a packed house at Ugly American last week. Their 6th straight win raises the Bounty to $25 this Thursday. Last week: #2
  2. Steak Em Up. They barely win on Thursday to hold onto their top spot, but their refusal to participate in a postgame chug-off drops them from the top spot.  Last week #1.
  3. The Savage Ear. Continue to be the class of O’Neals. But with a higher purse bound to attract larger crowds, can they hold onto their power? Last week: #5
  4. The Jams. Miss a perfect score by one question in the first round by not listening to Darth Ern and finish with a 118. But can they pull away from a tough pack at our most challenging bar? Last week: #7
  5. Duane’s World: A nice win at the Westbury over Group W, but two losses by less than one question at Black Sheep and Ugly American. Last week: #4
  6. Catdog: Rocket up the charts with a big win at Black Sheep. Last week: #10
  7. Lambda: Take a week off and, due to some impressive performances elsewhere, plummet in the standings. Last week: #3
  8. Narcotyzing Dysfunktion: If 2nd Place was the new black, the Dysfunktion would be the sexiest team in quizzo. Last week: #6
  9. Inglorious Barristers. Four 2nd place finishes and three 3rd Place finishes in the last ten weeks without ever pulling off a single win. Gotta award consistency. Last week: NR
  10. Look Up Look Down Now I’m a Horse. Take Steak Em Up to the brink on Thursday night, then challenged the Steak to a Chug off for all the marbles. (Steak Em Up declined.) Moxie is always rewarded in the power rankings. Last week: NR

Others receiving votes: Where’s John’s Rum; Dalembert Report; 1022; Phillie RNs; Magnus ver Magnusson; Plastic Paddies

2 thoughts on “JGT Power Rankings

  1. We turned down a chugging contest? This would have never happened if I had been there or if Swanson was playing with us.

  2. Yeah, it was pretty disgraceful. Nate was trying to come up with all these amendments to it and the other team just wanted to put up their $20 prize money against $20 of Steak Em Up's prize money. I'll be out of town tomorrow (Sandman will host) but I expect there to be a chugging finale next week.

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