The QBVI Ticket Run Has Begun

qb6_728Tickets started flying off the shelves last night. We’re up to 190 sold, meaning there are a mere 110 left. If you are going to buy them, again I would encourage you to not wait until the day of the event. There is a very decent chance we will be sold out by then. Buy your tickets from me tonight at the Locust Rendezvous or tomorrow at Ugly American or the Bards. I can assure you I’ll have tix left at those two locations. After that, you’re on your own.

Ok, today is questions day. Working on Quizzo Bowl questions all day long. If you’ve got any requests for topics to be covered in a question, leave them below in comments. I may or may not heed your advice. Oh, and be sure to get your brackets filled out before tomorrow to win your share of $150 in prizes. Password is goodtimes.

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