Quizzo Tonight

We are back in business tonight at both the Locust Rendezvous and the Black Sheep. The Vous continues to be the most competitive bracket in the field, so better bring your A-game. Meanwhile, Black Sheep is the quiz with the most parity, but be forewarned-you’ll have to knock off the 2nd place team at Quizzo Bowl to take the win. Duane’s World defends their silver medal at 8 p.m. Hope to see ya tonight!

P.S. All of Quizzo Bowl questions will be posted tomorrow, so if you missed it you can see how you would have done, and if you were there, you can relive the fury you felt when I announced the 50/50 round.

4 thoughts on “Quizzo Tonight

  1. Duane's World? There were 6 members of Satan's Minions on Eschaton and 2 from Duane's World. I know math isn't your strong suit, JGT, but c'mon. Even you can figure this one out.

  2. Some people just don't understand propaganda. I was trying to rally the troops by offering an opportunity to knock off the 2nd place team at Quizzo Bowl, who I suspect will be going by the name “Duane's World” tonight at the Black Sheep, not “Eschaton”.

  3. You know, I can't help but think that your 50/50 round, “Male Enhancement Pill or Not,” would have to be considered sort of discriminatory against those people who…..cough cough……….. ahem……..do not have any first hand knowledge of, or experience with, or necessity for, that particular class of pharmaceuticals. It would seem that some teams such as, ahem, Lambda Lambda, however, would have a decide advantage with such a round. Just sayin'.

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