Quizzo Bowl Update

marqueeAs of right now, Quizzo Bowl VI is almost sold out but I have a few more seats left. If you are interested in playing, shoot me a line at johnny@johnnygoodtimes.com TODAY. We will not have any tables available by showtime tomorrow. A few more notes:

MAJOR DETAILS: Doors open at 7 p.m., show starts at 8 p.m. (8 p.m. sharp, not 8 p.m. Johnny Goodtimes time.) There is a premium on space, so if you’re a smaller group, expect to be teamed with a larger team. I seem to have a fair amount of 5 or 6 person teams and a fair amount of 1 or 2 person teams, so it should work out, but just expect a fair amount of shuffling once you arrive. Therefore, please get there well before 8 p.m., especially if you are on a smaller team! 

FOOD AND DRINK: The beer on sale at Quizzo Bowl VI will be Miller High Life, $3 a bottle. As for food, they will have a few light snacks for sale, but I’d advise eating something a little heartier before the event. At the afterparty, Spoonie is hooking us up with $3 domestics, $4 imports and micros, and $4 (plus tax) highballs. Gonna be a fun party. We’ll be taking over the 2nd and 3rd floors. 

QUESTIONS: Slightly harder than usual. 12 Questions per round. A 50/50 round that you are going to hate. 

TIME: With this many teams, with a band, and a halftime show, of course this will last a bit longer than a normal quizzo, but not a whole lot longer. We should be done no later than 11 p.m., still leaving us plenty of time to get our grind on at O’Neals. 

SEATING: There will be some tables that will be on a slight slant and plenty of you will be sitting at bars, railings, etc. The place has a different layout than any of our previous spots. I think that’s what makes it unique, but like I said, you won’t necessarily be 8 people gathered around a table like in previous years. All I can promise you is a place to write, and (probably) a place to sit. Don’t freak out. Our team was standing room only in Denver and that worked out fine. As I have said before, teams that dress up will get preferred seating. Of course, the preferred seating will be first come first serve. 

GIVEAWAYS: I have a ton of stuff to give away. Tickets to future TLA shows, gift certificates to local bars and restaurants, Miller High Life stuff, and some t-shirts from our friends at Phillyphaithful.com. They are also gonna be selling some shirts as well at the event.

RAPPING?: Seriously, let it go. You’re really beating a dead horse at this point.

If you have any questions or concerns, please put them below in the comments.

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