Pics of Last week’s winners

Ok, so I’m running a bit behind here and I’m trying to catch up. But the following photos are pics of last week’s winners. Oh, and I think I’ve already got a venue for Quizzo Bowl VII. And we’re aiming for February 19th. I’m sick of stressing during March Madness. Hope to have the band lined up soon as well. And lesson learned about the preferences of you geeks: we’ll return to jamming to cheesy 80s tunes next year. Promise.

3 thoughts on “Pics of Last week’s winners

  1. I hope the next venue is more considerate to the smokers than the TLA. Our team had five smokers, and we were pretty pissed off at not being allowed outside. Do you hate smokers that much, or was it just an oversight?

  2. Yes, I hate smokers. In fact, I had asked that you all be fed the flashmobs when you asked to go outside, but the security refused to do so.

    It was neither. I was told before the event that smokers would be allowed to go outside. It was not until I arrived that I learned that the policy was different than what I had been told. Hey, it's my event, so the buck stops with me, but I can assure you that I was pretty upset when I was told by security that people couldn't smoke. It got a lot of people in a grumpy mood right off the bat, and made for a somewhat ornery crowd at times. (Then again, the ornery crowd might have just been the result of the male enhancement round.) I can absolutely, 100% assure you that I will not hold next year's event in a place where people can't smoke.

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