Irish Quiz Bomb Next Week

Next week will be Irish Quiz Bomb Week at quizzo. All questions will be Irish related. Trust me, that will cover a lot of territory. I take “Irish” very loosely (i.e. there could be questions about Notre Dame, Boondock Saints, Lucky Charms, etc.) It’s gonna be fun.

However, there will be no quiz at the Black Sheep next week. If you think that we can pull off a quizzo at 8 p.m. at an Irish bar on St. Patrick’s Day, you’re nuts. All other quizzes are on, at least as of now. I’ll keep you updated, but as of now we’re on for the Rendezvous.

There will only be one group of quiz questions next week. Quizzo Bowl week is the one week of the year that Philly’s only true man of leisure can’t find a lot of time to create questions. The good news: Steak Em Up can only win once at the Bards next week. Thank God.

3 thoughts on “Irish Quiz Bomb Next Week

  1. Thanks Steve.

    There will be more info posted Monday. Hope to see a lot of the JGT regulars at these quizzes.

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