One thought on “Snow

  1. You must be REALLY bored if you found that captivating. Of course, given how few good movies you've actually seen and the type of movies that you have seen, maybe this one seem good by comparison. Time to crank up the movie watching project again, JGT. After all, what else do you have to do today? I mean, after you rip off some little kid's sled, that is.

    The best sledding hill in Philadelphia is Belmont Avenue, from the Belmont Reservoir to Centennial Lake. The 44 bus from Center City drops you a block from the reservoir, and it's fun to get weird looks from other passengers when you get on the bus with a sled. That section of Belmont is about a mile and a half, fairly steep, and there is plenty of room on both sides of the road so traffic is not a problem. I prefer the west side, so I don't have to worry about crossing Montgomery Avenue (the only major “crossroad”, which ends at Belmont when it enters from the east) at 20 miles an hour on a sled without brakes. By the time you pass the Mann Music Center, you are going at a pretty good clip. Of course, the walk back up is a bitch, so get as much enjoyment out of the first trip as you can; you probably won't want to make the climb. (My record is 3 trips in one visit, but I was drinking heavily at the time.)

    Now I'm inspired. Maybe now that quizzo is cancelled, a trip to the reservoir is in order for the evening's entertainment. Accompanied by heavy drinking, neeedless to say.

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