Quizzo Tonight

Kick it off at O’Neals at 8 p.m., then move onto Bards at 10:15 p.m. Rumors of some comedy at halftime of the Bards contest. We’ll see. Yes, I will have Quizzo Bowl tickets on me and yes there will be some Winter Olympics questions. And there are rumors, thus far unfounded, of there being another picture round tonight.

4 thoughts on “Quizzo Tonight

  1. Picture round is a bust. End it already. Unless you use color copies, it's way too dark, and not conducive to a team quizzo where 4-8 people are crowding around a sheet of paper in the dark with shadowy pictures. Or can you please give each team a couple of copies, so more than one person can look at it at once?


  2. I thought I did give all the teams with 4 or more players extra copies. My favorite part about quizzo is when teams win by 20 points and then complain about one of the rounds. That's what makes it all worthwhile.

    But seriously, I will take it into consideration, though I think most teams like the picture round. There was one pic that was pretty awful, I will admit. The problem is there's no way to tell until I get to Kinko's. Let's take a vote!

  3. The picture round is what drove our team from Rembrandt's Quizzo. And now you're doing it! I thought you were an original guy, Johnny. Get rid of it.

    Jack from The Champs

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