One thought on “Those Wacky Georgia Youth and Their Holidays

  1. January…heh, heh ,heh… January 19, heh,heh,heh, heh, HAHAHAHA… oh, excuse me, January 19, 2010. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… a Republican is elected to the Senate from Massachusetts, HAHAHOHOHAHAHOHOHA… oh, excuse me, from “Massachussettes,” as the Democrats spell it, to the seat held by the late Teddy Kennedy, the seat that the Dems with their tin-eared arrogance persisted in referring to as “Teddy Kennedy's seat.” This happened in Massachusetts, the bluest state in the union, a state with a three and a half to one Dem to Republican voter registation advantage. Yes, despite a last minute save the day appearance by the hopeychanger-in-chief, Scott Brown beat Martha Coakley, or as Teddy Kennedy's son Patrick Kennedy referred to her while endorsing her, “Marcia Coakley.” (You might think that while endorsing someone for the seat previously held by his father that he would at least get her name right, but you'd be wrong there. Stupid as a bushel of rocks, in the great Kennedy tradition, or maybe he was just drunk.) Oh well, it looks like those thirty years of Democratic ascendency that PalestraJon and his fellow travellers were lokking forward to enjoying might be cut just a little short, by maybe twenty-eight or twenty-nine years or so.

    Sorry, we'll return now to our regular programming.

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