Quizzo Power Rankings

old-computerThe computer (above) has spoken, and there are some surprises in this week’s QPR.

  1. Ivan the Trivial. 10 wins in 11 weeks against teams like the Ear, Lambda, and the Phillie RNs. They finally get the top spot. 
  2. The Jams. A hard fought win against a 1022 that has been on fire the past few weeks. They also fight off the hounds from Magnus ver Magnusson and Quiz on Your Face each week. In 2010, the best competition so far has come at the Vous. 
  3. Steak Em Up. Yeah, they keep winning, but against who? Keep in mind the QPR computers take into account strength of schedule, and the fact is that Steak Em Up just keeps beating up on the Weak Sisters of Mercy each week. While they won at the Bards Tuesday, their score would have placed them 4th at the Vous. This team might need a win on the road to get their top spot back.
  4. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. Grind out a tough win over Duane’s World on Thursday. With a score over 100 almost every week, this team is starting to look like a Quizzo Bowl sleeper pick. 
  5. Duane’s World. A win against top flight competition at the Black Sheep, and then they go on the road to play L. Ron tough. Is the World finally off the schnide? 
  6. 1022. Continue to nip at the Jams heels. The Vous was once where the Jams went to win and everyone else went to drink. No longer. 1022 added some new players to the roster and is one of several teams in the hunt every week. 
  7. Axis of Evil Knieval. They finish 2nd place this week after winning last week at the Black Sheep. If they start playing on a regular basis, they really have the talent to be a top 3 team. 
  8. Lambda. Back to back Quizzo Bowl winners and the only team to beat Ivan the Trivial in the past 3 months, Lambda is welcomed back to the power rankings with Open Arms.
  9. Why Can’t Us. Not their strongest performance this week, but they hold on to a top 10 spot. 
  10. The Magnificent Seven. Gotta give these guys credit. They show up at a place where their kids play regularly (Black Sheep), they play quizzo for the first time ever, their kids don’t inform them about the question of the week (dirty trick),  and they still whip their kids by 12 points and finish 3rd at the Black Sheep. Respect. 

Others receiving votes: Phillie RNs, The Ear, Narcotyzing Dysfunktion, Catdog, Magnus ver Magnusson, Quiz on Your Face 

9 thoughts on “Quizzo Power Rankings

  1. Strength of schedule my ass. What is this, the BCS? True, the Tuesday score we posted wasn't legendary but we got it done. And our Thursday score was the best any team posted all week. So if you're talking about strength of competition, our Thursday score would have beaten any team that played last week. To boot, we're only a week removed from a perfect score.
    I realize you're trying to stir things up but SEU is, hands down, the best team in quizzo. It's insulting to suggest we need to seek-out competition:they should come to us.

  2. If history is any indication, by coming to you, half of the members of the visiting team will soon be members of Steak Em Up. Nate apparently has some sort of hypnotizing spell placed over cerebral members of the opposition which encourages them to drop their own squads and join the Dark Side. I'm not sure what it is, but I think it is something akin to voodoo.

  3. I assume this means you'll be playing with Ivan the Trivial this weekend instead. Really frees my Saturday up. Thanks.

  4. Dicker wears pink, lacy undies from Victoria's Secret, cries at weddings, uses mascara, paints his toenails and applies moisturizer every night. And in Denver he's considered a really macho type of guy. What a bunch of pansies.

  5. L Ron consistently has a top-3 for the week score, beats pretty much all comers at Ugly American, and loses a spot every week. But more importantly, when's Quizzo Bowl?

  6. Nice try, JGT. Since the last Power Rankings, Steak Em Up has won with a 119 (that's perfect, in case you forgot), a 101, and a 112. Ivan the Trivial, in that same time frame, failed to place in the top 3 the first week, and won with a 97 the second. (The Jams won with a 107 and a 110, and L Ron won with a 111 and a 104). Feel free to post the REAL Power Rankings whenever you get a chance.

    We encourage other teams to challenge us at the Bards. I promise to leave the Drakkar at home.

  7. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All this preening and posturing and worrying about decimal points and silly status games, and you fools are neglecting the really important shit in life which is TRASHTALKING DICKER AND HIS DENVER SECONDRATE SCUMBAG ALSORAN DWEEB GEEK SISSY PANSY QUIZZO WANNABES.

    BTW, Dicker dates transsexual sheep.

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