JGT and Crew Featured in Today’s Inquirer

inkyThe Inky did a story on our Denver-bound quizzo squad today. As for our team name, we got some good suggestions (we liked Rocky > Rockies; We Tap Ass, Not the Rockies and My Other Quiz Venue is a Kensington Crack Den), but we’re gonna go with “Trust Us We’re Doctors” and all wear the Dr. J shirt I am seen wearing above. (Our good friend Dan from phillyphaithful.com is hooking us up with the shirts. Be sure to scope out his website when you get a chance. They’ve got some great Philly t-shirts.) I want to also wear fake afros but I don’t know if I can find six of them before tomorrow.  I will be updating the blog throughout the weekend to let you know how things are going in Big D, so be sure to stay tuned.

One thought on “JGT and Crew Featured in Today’s Inquirer

  1. 1. Fake afros: Halloween store on Delaware Ave.

    2. Nice article.

    3. I went to law school with Phil Castagna – is he a regular Sofa Kingdom member? Go figure – it's the ol' 1 degree of Philly separation.

    4. Have fun in Denver and bring home the trophy for Philly aka City of Champions!

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