JGT Power Rankings

  1. powerranksSteak Em Up. Split with a win and a loss this week. They maintain the #1 spot, but the QCS rankings are a lot closer than they were last week. Last week #1
  2. Ivan the Trivial. They’ve won five in a row, and they now have a Bounty on their heads. An impressive performance this week and a loss by the Steak, and this team could hop into the One spot. Last week: #2.
  3. Satan’s Minions. Wow. They only miss one question (They didn’t answer Philly Inquirer as one of the top 10 circulated papers) and score a 117. Their ranking comes as a bit of a disappointment howerver. Howard was hoping they would be ranked #8. Last week: NR
  4. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. They’ve now won 9 out of 10 at the Ugly American. This is a juggernaut. Last week: #3
  5. The Jams. They win, but barely. A one point win at the Vous over a team of brash upstarts. Will this be the start of yet another Jams run? Last week: #4
  6. Narcotyzing Dysfunktion. They weren’t happy about being left out of the power rankings last week, and came out with something to prove on Tuesday, delivering a smackdown to Steak Em Up. They’re happy now. Last week: NR.
  7. Duane’s World. 3rd Place at Black Sheep and 2nd Place at Ugly American. They’re like the Sixers: Always in the running, but lately they’ve just had a tough time landing a win.  (Jon E., I made an NBA reference just for you.) Last week: #5
  8. The Savage Ear. Shorthanded this past week, they still managed to finish 2nd. More importantly, Pam quit wearing sweatpants. Last week: #6.
  9. Why Can’t Us. Pick up Palestra Jon and fall by 5 measly points to the Diabetics. I like the addition of PJ on this team. I think it’s a good fit, and if he continues to play there, I think this team could really shock the Diabetics. Last week: #10.
  10. Axis of Evil Knieval. Lost by 4 to Steak Em Up on Thursday. This team with a storied past has a promising future. Last week: NR

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3 thoughts on “JGT Power Rankings

  1. Clearly JGT needs to spend less time monitoring Pam's attire and more time accurately charting the results of the quizzes. Pam fought valiantly in our absence on Tuesday and somehow managed to get a question about Drew Brees correct, despite the fact that I am fairly certain Pam has no idea who Drew Brees is. But The Ear definitely finished 2nd, as the obnoxious picture message I received that night from a glorious Pam showed a picture of the “Quizzo Runner-Up” envelope you presented her.

    But Pam, why did you wait for a night in which I would not be in attendance to rock formal attire? You knew full well that I was not going to make it Tuesday. So then you decide you're going to doll yourself up and try to turn heads? Or is it just because you know that you don't have to put on some flashy outfit for me to appreciate you?

  2. Correction has been made. All the ladies dress up when you're not around, Toddfather. It's hard to explain, but this past Tuesday was like a winter formal up in there, with the women looking outstanding. When you return this week, they'll probably all go back to sweats and uggs.

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