A few last notes before the weekend

Here’s a few things of note before I head out to do Christmas stuff with the folks.

First of all, read about why the Phillies blew a chance to be one of the greatest National League teams of all time.

Secondly, somebody adopt this puppy, please!

Thirdly, I thought this was a great article in Philly Mag about Georges Perrier. I highly recommend it. A very evenhanded article, but you have to wonder if it was Philly Mag’s way of making up for ranking Le Bec Fin 46th best restaurant in the city.

Finally, a quick reminder that the Chip Chantry Attack on Christmas is taking place at the Khyber at 8 p.m. Going to be a great show, with some of Phillies best comedians and sketch troupes participating. And we’re having an ugly Christmas sweater contest.

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