Why Jazz is Evil

Flappers 2This is just priceless. Came across it while I was doing research for F. Lee Hoover, 1920s comic who performed last night at the Khyber (and went over quite well, I must say). It is an article written in the Ladies Home Journal in 1921, saying why jazz was ruining the country.

“Jazz is worse than the saloon! Why?” I asked.¬†

“Because it affects our young people especially,” said Mr. Bott. “It is degrading. It lowers all the moral standards. Unlike liquor, a great deal of its harm is direct and immediate. But it also leads to undesirable things. The jazz is too often followed by the joy-ride.”

If there is one thing that really sticks in my craw, it’s a bunch of sober youngsters ¬†listening to jazz and then going out joy riding! This madness must end! I’m just glad the right wing is coming down on the side of decency and putting an end to this threat which, if left unfettered, will almost certainly lead to the downfall of our great nation.