Annnnd We’re Back

IMG_3109Alright kids, the Phils have given us a fun ride, and I hated to see it end without a parade, but the good news for us is that we’re back in business. We’ll be going back to a 6 bar rotation, back to power rankings, back to me actually making a small profit instead of canceling 3 quizzos a week and eating rice and beans. And it all starts tonight. New quiz at Ugly American at 8 p.m. and Bards at 10:15 p.m. I’ll have pics of last weeks winners in a few minutes. Get your quizzin’ shoes on, it’s time for some action. Hope to see ya soon-Dog the Bounty Hunter.

8 thoughts on “Annnnd We’re Back

  1. And the other good news is that I no longer have to pretend to be a nice, mild-mannered and pleasant guy while I hang out watching the Phils and can return to my true mission in life as the scourge of secular humanists and other such like liberal/left-wing scum.

  2. BTW, I just read a news account of how on his way home last night, Yankee manager Joe Giraldi witnessed an accident, and at some risk to himself went to the aid of the person involved. It’s enough to make you puke: not only does the guy win the World Series, but he becomes a hero lauded by the police for his actions on his way home.

    But, seriously, I salute Joe for his courage and willingness to get involved, when most people would have just kept driving. It appears he might possibly be an exception to the general rule that all the Yankees and their fans are pond scum.

  3. Unfortunately, things won't be truly back to normal until the damned SEPTA strike is over, since going out after work is just not an option for a lot of people now; look how, while crowded, the bars didn't have to turn people away last night during the game. But the reduced competition may prove good for some teams.

  4. Bob,

    There's no use in denying it now, we have all seen the real “Bob”, and *gasp* he's a pretty likable guy. Who'da thunk it?
    It was a pleasure rooting for the Phillies with you.

  5. Bob, while hanging out watching the Phils with you was a true pleasure, I am glad that we will now return to our regularly scheduled programming. This is kind of like when the Bloods and Crips called a truce after the Rodney King situation.

  6. Kristy, it was also a pleasure for me hanging out with you guys and rooting for the Phillies, and our unfortunately brief conversation afterwards.

    And I'm not entirely sure what the term “secular humanist” encompasses, but since I am a non-believer who is very definitely opposed to encroachments of religion into the public square, I suspect that I very well might be one myself.

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