What’s the Best Compliment You’ve Ever Received?

kennedyI recently read an excellent article in Esquire about the art of the compliment. It got me thinking about the best ones I received. When I was 17, I was at a wake when someone told me I looked like a young Robert Kennedy (above). I always liked that one. Another one of my favorites came a couple of years ago, when after the graduation of our summer school class, I was driving a couple of the kids home. One of them turned to me, and said, “‘Rome, you one cool white dude.” Obviously that one ranks high as well. 

We’re in Philadelphia, and we’re much better known for the insult than the compliment, so I think it’ll be fun to see if people around here give compliments. Plase post the best compliment you’ve ever received below. 

4 thoughts on “What’s the Best Compliment You’ve Ever Received?

  1. I was once told that I looked like an uglier version of Kirk Herbstriet. I absolutely took that as a compliment.

  2. it was more of a pick-up line than a compliment, but i was nonetheless flattered when a guy approached me in a bar and informed me that he'd like to “munch my butt and then poke it.” (he did neither that night, btw.)

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